10-Year Plan Highlights

We have developed a 10-year plan for CTE and started the “count-down” clock as of July 1, 2012.  By the time we reach the summer of 2022, our goal is to have:

1) transformative organizing fully developed as a process and integrated into a practical, turnkey system (i.e., Closing the Circle, CTC);

2) the intervention’s effectiveness demonstrated on a meaningful scale; and

3) training centers and a communications hub established with the capability to support a growing network of transformative organizers working to establish CTC chapters in their home communities. 

Our quantitative objective is to have the first cohort of 100 fully-trained and certified transformative organizers back in their communities by mid-2016; by mid-2022, we want to see more than 10,000 organizers working actively in their communities.

You can read more plan highlights below or you can move to a detailed plan for Years 1-4 — if you want to skip the plan details, the next stop will be biographies of the CTE Team;

Key milestones in our development plan include:

  1. Carry out field studies with cohorts of youth in summer of 2013, 2014 and 2015.
  2. Publish the complete model by the end of 2014; with a significant revision in 2015.
  3. Establish a training center that will enroll its first class of transformative organizers in spring of 2015.
  4. Support the first class of organizers as they begin to establish youth chapters in their home communities, with recruiting beginning in summer, 2016.
  5. By the end of 2016, ensure that the further development and roll out of  Closing the Circle is financially self-sustaining (i.e., from training fees, sale of books and materials and other service fees).
  6. Continue training of new classes of organizers in 2016 and begin to develop new training centers that will begin accepting classes in 2017.  Use the first school as a model facility in which the founding teams of new centers are trained and supported.  The tentative goal will be to establish four new centers each year in order to grow a national network comprising approximately 20 schools.

This plan will require CTE to operate in three dimensions:

  • As an R&D Laboratory, we will carry out field studies to complete the development and pilot testing of  transformative organizing that will reduce it to practice as a replicable system:  i.e., as a practical, 3-year program for 16-18-year-olds with continuously updated curriculum and guides for training and operations.  Our goal will be to produce an intervention that shares many of the characteristics of a franchised product or service:  e.g., ease of duplication; detailed systems, processes and procedures; a unique or unusual concept; broad geographic appeal; relative ease of operation; and relatively inexpensive operation— this will take 3-4 years to accomplish;
  • As a Training Enterprise, we will establish a school in which dedicated individuals are trained and certified as transformational organizers.  Our vision resembles a franchising model in which CTE focuses on training prospective organizers, sent by interested communities, in its “turnkey” intervention.  Once trained, these committed individuals will return home to establish a local, grassroots organization with the young men and women of their own community. The development of the training protocol will be a growing component of CTE’s research in 2014-15. We expect to publish a Handbook of Transformative Organizing by 2015, which will be supplemented with training lesson plans. We expect to launch the first school in mid-2015 and send at least 100 certified organizers into their home communities in mid-2016.  We anticipate that this one school will grow into a network of approximately 20 schools during the following 5-6 years as demand for organizers grows;
  • As a Social Networking Hub, we will facilitate communications between the franchise-like network of transformative organizers being established as well as, eventually, a growing base of youth-led chapters.  This will also include the production of written, graphic and multi-media resources to support the on-going effort.

You can move to a detailed plan for Year 1-4 or, if you want to skip the plan details, the next stop will be biographies of the CTE Team;